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MANDATE: Following a marketing audit to reposition the Fusion Center brand, we are actively working to strengthen its reputation and increase membership.

Several initiatives have been made and/or are in progress:

+ Position the brand as a leader in the Laurentians

+ Create a new course offer at the session

+ Complete redesign of the website to make it transactional

+ Update of sales and promotion tools (direct mail)

+ Facebook campaign and SEO improvement

+ Super-panel campaign: Creation of a graphic platform, applicable to both the Fusion Center and Tennis Interclub, to ensure consistency with the brand and the display of several series of promotional offers. Distance and readability tests were performed. A “photo shoot” was also held to use real photos representative of the Center.

The challenge: to create a completely custom-made transactional experience (with dozens of variations depending on the profile) using inexpensive existing tools (WooCommerce), in record time!

+ A clean design linked to the existing graphical platform
+ An easy experience on tablets and cell phones as well as on a standard screen
+ A site easy to update each season (4 per year)

From the first year, we already see a huge increase in page views and a growth of the most satisfactory sales since!