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Attractive design for high-end products that will keep you asking for more. #packaging #food #graphicdesign #retail

MANDATE: Give the brand a new look so that it reaffirms the upscale side that distinguishes it from the other Beau-Lieu Instantané products. Also, make the Brickstone Fine Foods logo more legible.

THE CHALLENGE: The jar looks the same as many others on the market, as well as for Brickstone Fine Foods sister brand’s jars, AP Gourmet. Even though AP Gourmet is marketed differently than Brickstone, it is possible that the two brands coexist in certain big-box stores. It is then essential to differentiate it well.

THE APPROACH: The packaging was completely modified, from the logo to the improvement of the reading order. Illustrations were also created for the background. We chose a luscious color chromatic for the epicurean, who is the targeted customer. It is also useful for the sales teams, as it helps them with the codification of products.

We created point-of-sale advertising for marketing purposes, as well as many internal promotional tools for the team of representatives.

RESULTS: On display shelves, the products really stand out from one another. Even though we still need to wait a couple of months to obtain the growing sales results, we already know that this redesign is an amazing success, as noticed in many received comments.