This is the "fuel" that will get you going and have a nice trip.

This section is for new product, new business owners or revamping a brand.

The goal is to identify what differentiates your business.

The genesis of any company, brand or product must go through strategic positioning.

Creating a strong brand takes time. Getting your business/product to integrate the lifestyle of your buyers is key.

There is a lot of work to be done, which basically involves understanding the target audience. To achieve this, we combine a certain amount of data with a good dose of empathy.

How to define empathy in a marketing context? Empathy, as we perceive it here, is the ability to feel or imagine the experience and the desired benefit of the buyer.

“People do not buy products, they buy promises” as quoted by Bernadette Jiwa in her book Difference. But not just any kind of promises. They must be related to your values ​​and the real benefits to users. It sounds easy, but it takes some work!

This reflection on the essence of the brand may seem theoretical or conceptual for some because it provides an intangible value. But the intangible has a real price in our society: the value that we attach to a brand is often linked to an emotion, an experience, a story.

In summary: Finding the essence of your brand is step 01 of our branding process. Once the actual situation is analyzed, our deliverable is to give a differentiating personality to your product/brand. This personality serves as a guide for any content to be produced later.

See step 02: the design.