We believe in storytelling design.

Aestheticism is intrinsic to everything we produce.

The objective is to
create a strong image.

Branding is the corporate identity. It is the graphic identity that will last in time, that is reevaluated every 10 years but ideally does not change much. It includes the logo, the slogan, the business cards, the administrative documents such as the stationery, the website, the social network accounts, the email signature, the packaging, the tradeshow kiosk, the signage, etc.

When designing, we make sure to stick to the brand personality established previously (see step 01). For example, if we set that the brand is “friendly”, the branding will be necessarily joyful and happy.

We create meaningful designs.

Graphic standards are also an essential component of this step. They ensure a consistent message, which is essential for the recognition of your brand over time.