Our vision of marketing is to "make the world better by changing things."

In 2019, Service-Station Communications becomes a social business adhering to the concept of “triple performance” (profit, people and planet) and is in the process of obtaining its B-Corp certification, an international movement of entrepreneurs that act in the general public interest. This certification makes it possible to concretize and reinforce our usual way of doing things, while pushing us to improve continuously.

Our mission is to help make a positive difference in the world:

> by being a social business.

> through meaningful communications that have a small environmental footprint.

By meaningful communications, we see : that changes perceptions, that encourages action.

Contributing to the collective well-being is a motivation for our entire team internally and for our external collaborators, and we seek to partner with clients and projects that share this purpose.

We place empathy at the center of all our actions, our management or our communications.

We believe that for communications to be successful, we must value quality and seek to differentiate, not bombard, shout loudly or infiltrate people’s lives.

We think the MESSAGE to create a real, founded exchange with the people.

Our style is honest and authentic and DESIGN is central to all our achievements (of course ;))